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Projection room, videoconference and home automation (13  - Marseille)

This company located in the Marseille region, entrusted us with its project to modernize a  conference room  integrating  audiovisual projection,  videoconference  Cisco  and  Webex  as well as home automation.

His main wish was to simplify its operation and make it usable by any untrained lecturer.

We installed an audiovisual bay for it including a complete room management system, controlled very simply through a  CRESTRON touchscreen tablet.

We have programmed and installed a complete system of  meeting room  including projection,  Cisco and Webex videoconferencing  as well as the management of lighting and heating (Home automation). This audiovisual system is managed by a PLC  CRESTRON  and control by the user of the room through a  CRESTRON touchscreen tablet. A simple start button activates the  conference room  such as switching on audio amplifiers, microphones, the video projector, lowering the projection screen, etc.

The CRESTRON touch screen also allows the adjustment of the audio volume of the video projection, the audio volumes of the microphones as well as the lighting scenarios, for example, conference mode, projection mode, mixed mode, general shutdown, etc.

the  audiovisual system  integrates two types of videoconferencing. Mainly used,  CISCO videoconferencing  which includes on the touchscreen tablet a page dedicated to its management such as call management, the list of correspondents, the various operating modes, dialing, etc. Just like Webex videoconferencing through a laptop PC.

This room obviously includes a  BIM,  magnetic induction loop for the hearing impaired  which allows the total audio diffusion of the sound of the projection,  videoconferencing, meetings. For this, we installed a BIM amplifier as well as a magnetic loop on the outskirts of the room.

Thanks to our installation,  hearing impaired  with a hearing aid receive a signal directly emitted from our  audiovisual bay, without any acoustic or noise disturbance from the place where they are located.

This  CRESTRON conference system  that we have installed has not only made it possible to significantly improve the acoustics of this room but above all, through the touchscreen tablet, to make it usable by any speakers or speakers without any training on the system.


Equipment  :

. PLC /  CRESTRON audiovisual grid

.  Yamaha audio amplification

.  CRESTRON touchscreen tablet

.  SENNHEISER pickups

.  EPSON projector

.  Induction loop for hearing impaired AMPETRONIC

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