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Our history

Since 2002...

ITE Ingénierie is a company born in the South of France, and comes from the world of electrical engineering. For several years we have developed our know-how in the petrochemical, nuclear and food processing industries.


As an engineering company, we have designed and installed extremely complex automated systems in particularly demanding environments. 

Prestigious customers (Lyondel, Veolia, Vinci, CEA, Ricard, ...) have trusted us and have allowed us to develop over the years a real know-how. 


This experience allows us to ensure today all the phases of conception as a design office, to integrate the most complex solutions and to maintain them, just for your comfort and delight.


For the last ten years, ITE Ingenierie has focused on the residential, yachting, corporate and hotel sectors for which there was a strong demand for expertise.


Since then, ITE Ingenierie brings a real competence and expertise to these professions in home automation and process automation.

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