Shaking Hands

Our expertise is complemented by numerous partnerships and certifications in order to offer you all the guarantees of a solution designed and integrated according to the rules of the trade.


We distinguish two main types of partnerships:





French designer and manufacturer, EDITAG provides the only IoT solution for connecting works of art for identification, traceability and security, whether they are stored, displayed or transported.


Fomerly known as monalitag®, EDITAG Arts is a solution for cultural institutions to reduce expenses, improve team efficiency and simplify day-to-day operations.


The solution includes the first all-in-one IoT sensor, specially designed for artworks: the mOOnTAG.

It ensures :

- The RFID inventory,

- the supervision of the conditions of conservation,

- Security 24Hx7

- Transport monitoring

- The real-time management of the backup plan works (digital PSO).


A unique investment in a simple product for multiple uses.

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