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The Hautes Alpes Department has its hotel in the heart of the historic center of Gap (05).


Domotique Crestron Conseil Départemental des Hautes Alpes

The Hôtel du Département has recently been the subject of renovation works which have provided the opportunity to bring significant improvements as well as modernity in its audiovisual installations.

This is how ITE INGENIERIE was associated with its partners in this project, in which it was necessary to respond to this requirement of modernity, but in simplicity.

It was indeed necessary to allow the staff of the Hotel to control these technically very advanced installations, from extremely user-friendly and intuitive control interfaces. 

A new fully renovated hemicycle….

During events, such as the assemblies of the Departmental Council, the hemicycle welcomes elected officials.

For audiovisual broadcasting, the old video projector and its screen have been replaced by a magnificent 98 '' 4K screen.

From the hemicycle PC control screen , the technical teams thus control the video streams from the various sources.

This control is provided from an interface developed by ITE INGENIERIE in the CRESTRON PLC.

The CRESTRON PLC also allows the control of audio flows by controlling a Yamaha MTX audio matrix .

Crestron - Interface de contrôle sources vidéo
Crestron - Pilotage presets caméras hémicycle

Three PTZ cameras capture and broadcast images from the hemicycle.

During the sessions, the manager has a view developed by ITE INGENIERIE , allowing him to trigger with one click, one of the pre-recorded positions of these cameras.

In addition, an interface dedicated to the Department's IT teams makes it possible to autonomously reconfigure the camera presets.

A hemicycle extended to the adjoining rooms

During important plenary sessions, it was necessary to allow the sessions to be broadcast on the three other rooms of the Hôtel du Département.

ITE INGENIERIE has thus deployed CRESTRON NVX technology  allowing the broadcasting of audio and video streams in IP, through the establishment's local network. 
This technology is totally innovative, because it simplifies, secures and guarantees optimum performance of the broadcast ( DigitalMedia NVX range [Crestron Electronics, Inc.] ).

Completely reconfigurable annex rooms

The Hôtel du Département also has three large meeting rooms which have also been completely renovated and now have an audiovisual installation fully controllable by the technical teams of the Department.

Thus, it is possible for them to control the video sources broadcast on the video projectors, as well as the audio sources.


During events with a large audience, the three rooms can be pooled and make only one large .

The application developed by ITE INGENIERIE allows from a simple interface to broadcast the same source to the audio and video outputs of the rooms.

CRESTRON - Contrôle sources audio salles
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