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Integration of a  its home cinema in the design of a house
(13 - Allauch)

Indeed, the  Automation  may seem complex at first glance, but it is important to specify that its primary objective is to simplify the use of any electrical device such as audio, video, but also in  what concerns the  comfort , the  security  and energy saving .
This is also how the project was conceived in  this villa on the heights of  Marseille, in Allauch.

Everything is there:  home automationmulti-room audiovisual  and  video surveillance , with complete remote management thanks to specific applications on  smartphone  Where  tablet .

Sitting on your sofa and enjoying a movie-like image and sound, while having an eye on the complete safety of your  House  : this is what we offer to offer you  with  ITE ENGINEERING. 

Do not hesitate to join us in a  smart home revolution, with  simplicity and efficiency. 

The  revolution is underway!

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