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Installation of CRESTRON PLCs with multiroom management
(13 - Salon de Provence)

The objective of multiroom audiovisual  is to bring you a  audiovisual comfort  , a sound and an image that follow you in each room of your house, a  ease of use  of a  high performance system.
Our  CRESTRON home automation system  is  multi-communicating, it therefore allows you to control and pilot a large majority of audio-visual equipment on the market (screens, players, decoders, amplifiers, etc.).
Our installations do not require the use of professional equipment, which represents for you  a significant saving.

Watch, listen and control your different audio and video sources (iPad, BR player, decoder, media center, ...) in each of your rooms simultaneously or independently of each other: Jazz on the terrace, a 4K movie in your home cinema and classical music in your living room.

Of course our services are turnkey, they include  the study of the system ,  its programming , installation and commissioning.

You will find below the  descriptive  part of the installed system:
For the game  automation  :

For the game  multiroom audiovisual  :

So if you too are thinking of modernizing your equipment with home automation  Crestron  Where  KNX,  ENGINEERING ITE  will meet your expectations.

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