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Home automation and exterior led lighting of a restaurant  (13 - Aix en Provence)

A restaurateur in the south of France, near Aix en Provence, contacted us to install a  led lighting system  for its outdoor terrace. He wanted  light atmospheres  through RGB led lighting  which had to be synchronized on the colors but also on the levels of brightness, and above all, very simply.

In order to avoid multiple remote controls, we have therefore installed a  home automation system  Crestron  who communicates with a  DMX interface.

The multiple remote controls supplied with the  LED lights  were banned, which is normal given the time it would have taken to turn everything on and synchronize the colors of the different  bright areas.

We decided to use DMX technology, which is mainly found in professional audiovisual or animation. So we installed a  Crestron home automation system  who communicates with a  DMX interface  and we have developed a  lighting management application  on his phone. He can easily control all his  remote exterior lighting  or locally.


This  home automation system for exterior lighting  offers endless possibilities in brightness control and zone management. It is scalable and very easy to use.

The customer can initiate  lighting scenarios, vary its light zones, adjust RGB light levels in order to create atmospheres throughout the evening.

Our  home automation systems  allow you to control any type of exterior lighting.  On time slots, on prowler detection or from your mobile, you have the option of controlling all of your lighting remotely or locally.


A unique RGB LED lighting concept adaptable to any establishment.

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