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Climate smart home: engineering for sustainable development (Saint Tropez)

As part of a residential home automation project in Saint Tropez, ITE INGENIERIE has recently been able to highlight its know-how in the field of residential home automation and regulation by designing and implementing an original installation.


Easy to use, its particularly innovative character makes it a model in terms of sustainable development.

Chart of interactivity regulation in Crestron Smart home Crestron

The complexity of this project lay in the cohabitation and complete interactivity , of a Thermozyklus control unit ( ) for heated floors, of an Atlantic air conditioning system ( ) and a CRESTRON home automation system .


The request of the design office and the architect consisted in being able to regulate a temperature , in summer as in winter, either from the Thermozyklus thermostats located in the different rooms of the house, or from Crestron home automation , via Crestron touch screens and iPads in the house.

A dedicated “interactive regulation” communication gateway

To meet this demand, ITE INGENIERIE engineers have developed, through an industrial programmable controller, a real communication gateway . Its role is to retrieve the instructions (temperatures and ventilation modes) from all the equipment allowing them to be entered ( thermostats, Crestron touch screens, iPad, iPhone and supervision PC ) and to transmit them to the various control systems (Thermozyklus and Atlantic).

In normal times, these interactions are generally made complicated due to the heterogeneity of the communication protocols of the different manufacturers. Our know-how has enabled the development of this unique gateway.

Technical management of the installation

In addition to these adjustment points, we have implemented a supervision located in the technical room of the residence, which allows, beyond setting the temperature and ventilation instructions for each of the zones, to ensure technical supervision of the installation.


Thus, this supervision is used by the butler to possibly adjust ventilation and temperature settings , but also to view any technical incidents on the installation.

Home screen management for heating and cooling regulation

Adjust temperatures, even away from home

It is also possible for the owners of the premises to adjust the temperature of one or more zones from their smartphone, from outside their home .

This allows them to activate heating zones in winter or to cool a room in summer before arriving in their house .


This functionality, beyond its practical aspect, also responded to a desire to make this project part of a sustainable development approach .

Custom thermostats

Small peculiarity for the needs of the project, the Thermozyklus thermostats were the subject of a specific "makeover" carried out by the French manufacturer of electrical equipment Meljac ( ).

Thermostat Thermozyklus Meljac
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