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The M/Y FALCO MOSCATA is a 164ft yacht built in 2010 by Perini Navi ( ).


Like many yachts of this generation, the audiovisual installation did not correspond to the expectations of the moment, especially in the context of its charter activities.

It is for this reason that ITE INGENIERIE has been asked to modernize the different areas of the yacht.

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From studies to implementation...


The expertise and the perfect knowledge of the yachting world, allowed ITE INGENIERIE to audit the existing audiovisual installation in a first step, and to propose a complete refit scenario.

The new technical architecture was presented and adjusted during exchanges with the captain and the owner to arrive at the final solution in a few days.

Wiring diagrams and plans were then produced by our design office, and allowed the various participants to implement the interconnections from the technical bays to the various cabins.

This is how the installation was able to start just a few weeks after the first exchanges.

Easy to use entertainment system

The charter activity of a yacht implies that the passengers in the cabins can easily access the audio and video equipment in their cabin.

In a few seconds, the passenger can discover and take control of all the available functions from the iPad dedicated to his cabin:

  • Choice of the source to broadcast :

    • AppleTV or Chromecast and their applications,​

    • Streaming audio or vidéo from the passenger's phone,

    • Media Center Zappiti and its movie and music libraries,

    • Satellite decoder

  • ​Manage the audio volume on the cabin speakers.

iPad view_1.jpg

Advanced services in the Master cabin

The Master cabin, as for the passenger cabins, has a total control from its iPad. But it also has some advanced features.


It is thus possible to broadcast identical audio content in the cabin and in its adjoining bathroom (selection of the same audio source in these two zones) or different content.


The same applies to video content, as the cabin and its bathroom, each having a screen, can display different video content.


A special feature of the Master cabin bathroom is that ITE INGENIERIE has integrated a mirror television into the existing mirror panel. This patented technology allows you to enjoy a real mirror when the television is turned off.

Assistance tools for the crew

At any time, the crew can intervene from their iPad in any of the cabins in order to perform an operation at the request of a passenger (choice of a video source, modification of the volume,...).

ITE INGENIERIE has also developed an interface on the iPad for the crew's needs that allows them to visualize the health status of the audiovisual installation. Thus, they can identify at any time if an area of the yacht is faulty, and thus make an initial diagnosis, and eventually put the faulty equipment back into service.

Another advantage of the new installation is that Crestron's NVX technology has been deployed to broadcast technical and navigational information on the television in the captain's cabin. This allows him to keep an eye on the yacht's parameters at all times.


From his iPad, he can also choose sources that only he can view from his cabin (radar, surveillance cameras,...).

Living rooms in Home Cinema

The indoor living rooms and outdoor deck are of course equipped with Bower & Wilkins equipment to provide optimal sound quality.

The lounges are equipped with TV on lift (see the video on ITE INGENIERIE's YouTube page), as well as a home cinema sound system for the greatest comfort of this area of the yacht.

A "Party" mode also allows, during parties on the yacht, to broadcast in one click on the iPad, the same source on several areas at the same time. It is also very easy to add zones and remove them during the broadcast thanks to the Crestron audio matrix control.

falco deck.jpeg
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