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Hôtel Martinez - Home automation and videoconferencing

Located on the Croisette, the Hotel Martinez , part of the Hyatt hotel group , is probably the most emblematic establishment in Cannes.

Built in 1929, it has benefited from major renovations and embellishments in recent years.

Among these works, the hotel, which regularly welcomes companies for conferences, seminars, etc., has equipped itself with several meeting rooms, including a large room equipped with the best technologies.

ITE Ingénierie intervened to design and integrate all of the Crestron home automation system and other equipment in these different rooms.

Identify an available meeting room

For example, ITE Ingénierie was able to deploy the CRESTRON room reservation solution ( Crestron Room Reservation [Crestron Electronics, Inc.] ) for all the rooms.

These are touch-sensitive desks attached to the entrance to each of the meeting rooms, which allows real-time information on the occupancy schedule for each of the rooms . They also have led bars on each side which light up in green when the room is free, or in red if a meeting is in progress in this room.


Thus, this solution now allows employees of the Martinez hotel to be able to identify an available room at a glance , by moving around the corridors.

This solution is fully integrated into the hotel room reservation solution and did not require any special application installation.


A hyperconnected multi-use room


ITE Ingénierie has also fully imagined and implemented the large meeting room of the Hotel Martinez, incorporating a wealth of technology.


Thus, thanks to the range of possibilities offered by CRESTRON , we were able to offer complete home automation control of the room (lighting, sound system, videoconferencing, presentation, etc.) from a single touch panel located on the meeting table.

The organizer of a meeting can thus act on all the following equipment:

  • Lighting management with lighting scenarios (coffee corner, videoconference mode, meeting mode, etc.)

  • Choice of presentation mode: internal meeting with local projection, or Teams videoconference,

  • Management of audio settings and Audio Technica speaker,

  • Camera management,

  • Operating a Samsung Flipboard interactive whiteboard


The lighting scenarios are also accessible from a keypad located at the entrance to the room.


Regarding videoconferencing, we have deployed the CRESTRON Flex solution for Microsoft Teams . This solution provides all the Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) features .

See article on our blog: Crestron democratizes unified communication with Microsoft Teams .


Thus, it is now possible for meeting room users to directly launch a Teams video conference from the touch panel. Thanks to the MTR CRESTRON, the room can be invited in a Teams conference, but also participate in Zoom or Cisco Webex videoconferences .


We have also translated the control interfaces for the international customers of the Martinez Hotel into four languages.

Equipment : 


. CRESTRON video matrix

. Microsoft Teams Room CRESTRON

. Speaker and table microphones  Audio Technica

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