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home automation renovation on M/Y beatrix

Leaving the Cantieri di Termoli shipyards in 2015, the M/Y BEATRIX  along its 50 meters, can accommodate 12 passengers in great comfort.

Recently, the yacht had a lighting management system and blinds that showed signs of ageing, and needed upgrading and improving the ergonomics of the interfaces.

Based in the port of Imperia (Italy), the M/Y BEATRIX asked ITE INGENIERIE to restore these facilities.


Originally based on CRESTRON equipment, the crew no longer had the source codes of the controller, nor had access to up-to-date electrical diagrams.

Renovation of lighting and blinds control

A study above all


Our approach to rehabilitating the facilities first consisted of auditing the existing facility at the level topology, architecture and functionality.


This work of location will have enabled us to constitute a first installation database and documentation. At the end of the project, this database would be enriched with developments, and thus allow us to provide the crew and the owner with an up-to-date documentary database.

This base generally contributes to help the crew to maintain the installation, but also to improve the valuation of the yacht during a resale.

PLC reprogramming


In order to restore all of its lighting and blind controls to the yacht, we have set up a new CRESTRON controller, kept the functional CRESTRON lighting and shade control modules, and replaced the faulty ones.

Once this new installation was in place, we ensured the programming of the new controller in order to control the installations identically to the old system.

All of the existing CRESTRON keyboards have also been renewed in their functions.

Thus each of the lounges and cabins were able to keep their switches without any modification of the joinery and or wiring.

Electrical diagram for Crestron dimmable lighting

Interfaces for users...

Our perfect knowledge of the world of yachting, and more specifically of charter activities, has enabled us to offer the crew and the owner of the yacht completely redesigned ergonomics for the yacht's tactile interfaces.

From 8 inch touch screens, passengers and crew can control both in the lounges and in their respective cabins, the lighting of zones, the triggering of scenarios (light and blind), as well as the adjustment of the light intensity of certain lighting points .

The ergonomics of the control interfaces, as well as the navigation between these views have been thought out so that a user can instantly understand how it works.

The challenge on a yacht is to provide passengers with a feeling of ease of use from the very first moment on board. Everything must be simple to understand and use. These are the major criteria that our developers use to design the interfaces.

…and for the crew

Always in a logic of simplification and efficiency, we have thought and developed specific interfaces for the crew. 

The objective of these interfaces is to allow them to interact with all the yacht's controllable equipment. But also, they must allow, during the intense periods of the charter seasons, when the requirement of availability of the equipment is maximum, to diagnose the origin of a problem in a few seconds, and thus to reduce the times of restoration in the event of breakdown.

Diagnostic view for the crew

Specific training for technical teams

At the end of the project, after commissioning, we provided training for the technical teams on the installation and its maintenance.

The purpose of this training course is to make the crew autonomous on the diagnostic phases and recommissioning, and thus reduce downtime of installations.

Thus, during the charter season, the yacht's technical teams are more serene and approach the maintenance of these facilities with confidence.

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