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We realize your home automation, from Monaco to Biarritz

ITE INGENIERIE is your partner in the realization of your project of integration of home automation from Monaco to Biarritz.

Beware a long path of information collection, comparisons opens to you, and if you take the path alone, it may be long and tedious ... So as in any hike, it is better to be well equipped, well informed and above all well surrounded to undertake such an adventure.

ITE INGENIERIE, based in the south of France shares its expertise by opening the doors of its know-how and its home automation achievements.

Comfort, Security, Energy savings, Multiroom audio-visual, Home cinema ... what we offer in our home automation installations

The success of a project depends on the understanding of the client's expectations and needs, the quality of the programming and of course the control of the budget.


Our promise: to make you benefit from a personal home automation integration that evolves over time.

Present in your home, or in regional trade fairs, we are there to listen to you and guide you, we remain reachable by email or telephone.

Home automation renovation on M/Y beatrix

Released from the Cantieri di Termoli shipyards in 2015, le M/Y BEATRIX  along its 50 meters, can accommodate 12 passengers in great comfort.

Recently, the yacht had a lighting management system and blinds that showed signs of ageing, and needed upgrading and improving the ergonomics of the interfaces.

Based in the port of Imperia (Italy), the M/Y BEATRIX asked ITE INGENIERIE to restore these facilities.

Originally based on CRESTRON equipment, the crew no longer had the source codes of the controllers,...

ITE INGENIERIE therefore proposed a renovation method that enabled M/Y BEATRIX to regain full and renovated use of the management of its lighting and blinds.

Photo salle 2_anon.jpg

Home automation renovation on M/Y beatrix

Released from the Cantieri di Termoli shipyards in 2015, le M/Y BEATRIX  along its 50 meters, can accommodate 12 passengers in great comfort.

Recently, the yacht had a lighting management system and blinds that showed signs of ageing, and needed upgrading and improving the ergonomics of the interfaces.

Based in the port of Imperia (Italy), the M/Y BEATRIX asked ITE INGENIERIE to restore these facilities.

Originally based on CRESTRON equipment, the crew no longer had the source codes of the controllers,...

ITE INGENIERIE therefore proposed a renovation method that enabled M/Y BEATRIX to regain full and renovated use of the management of its lighting and blinds.



The M/Y GENESIA is a 160 ft yacht built by Feadship in 1987.


It has undergone two major renovations, the last of which was completed in the spring of 2022.

During this last refit, the interior fittings were totally redesigned, and these important works were the occasion to completely renovate the audiovisual home automation of the ship in order to meet the modern requirements of charter activities.

ITE INGENIERIE was solicited within the framework of a consultation on which it was able to make the difference thanks to original and innovative proposals, guided by the following priorities:

  • Scalability of the installation

  • Intuitiveness of the interfaces

  • Simplicity of the technical architecture

  • Maintainability of the installation

vue genesia.jpg


The M/Y FALCO MOSCATA is a 164ft yacht built in 2010 by Perini Navi ( ).


Like many yachts of this generation, the audiovisual installation did not correspond to the expectations of the moment, especially in the context of its charter activities.

It is for this reason that ITE INGENIERIE has been asked to modernize the different areas of the yacht.

The expertise and the perfect knowledge of the yachting world, allowed ITE INGENIERIE to audit the existing audiovisual installation in a first step, and to propose a complete refit scenario.

VIMAR expertise & integration on SUNSEEKER yachts

The electrical equipment manufacturer VIMAR has been integrating SUNSEEKER yachts for many years. VIMAR's By-Me solutions are regularly used to control the lighting of these yachts, whatever their range.


ITE INGENIERIE as a VIMAR expert partner regularly intervenes on board SUNSEEKER yachts in order to diagnose, put back into service installations, but also to propose evolutions.


Integral courtroom automation

Designed by the studio of architect Marc Barani, the new Court of Justice of Aix en Provence (formerly Court of First Instance) opened its doors in the summer of 2021.

This building of nearly 10,000m2 and 14m high has 18 courtrooms .

ITE INGENIERIE had the privilege of being chosen to carry out the audiovisual home automation for the courtrooms, in partnership with INEO Provence (EQUANS group).

There are thus 6 large courtrooms which have benefited from an ultra-modern installation unique in France .

As part of a residential home automation project in Saint Tropez, ITE INGENIERIE was recently able to showcase its know-how in the field of residential home automation and regulation by designing and implementing an original installation.


The complexity of this project lay in the cohabitation and complete interactivity of a Thermozyklus control unit ( for underfloor heating, an Atlantic air conditioning system ( and CRESTRON home automation.


The request of the design office and the architect was to be able to regulate the temperature, in summer and in winter, either from the Thermozyklus thermostats located in the different rooms of the house, or from the Crestron home automation system, via the Crestron touch screens and iPads in the house.

Above the Clouds
Régulation interactive Thermozyklus Atlantic Crestron

SMART HOME Climate management:

Engineering for sustainable development (Saint Tropez)

Hemicycle and rooms home automation

The Hautes Alpes Department Hotel  has recently been the subject of renovation works which have been the occasion to bring important improvements as well as modernity in its audiovisual installations.

This is how ITE INGENIERIE  was associated with its partners in this project, in which it was necessary to meet this requirement of modernity, but in simplicity.

Entirely based on CRESTRON technologies , this reference highlights our expertise in the latest innovations from the manufacturer.

Domotique du Conseil Départemental des Hautes Alpes

Yacht M / Y EXUMA - Audiovisual refit and automation

The crew of M / Y EXUMA asked the company ITE Ingénierie to diagnose problems related to the onboard equipment and ensure their repair.

It was during a major refit of this 164 ft Perini Navi , on the Ciotat Shipyards site, that we had the opportunity to bring our expertise to this magnificent yacht.

Thus, we were able to diagnose and ensure the restoration of certain installations.​

Hôtel Martinez - Home automation and videoconferencing

Located on the Croisette, the Hotel Martinez , part of the Hyatt hotel group, is probably the most emblematic establishment in Cannes.

Built in 1929, it has benefited from major renovations and embellishments in recent years.

Among these works, the hotel, which regularly welcomes companies for conferences, seminars, etc., has several meeting rooms, including a large room equipped with the best technologies .

ITE Ingénierie intervened to design and integrate all of the Crestron home automation system and other equipment in these different rooms.

hotel martinez_2.jpg

Yacht  SS DELPHINE - Home automation and automation modernization

When the SS Delphine was launched in April 1921 from the Detroit (USA) shipyards, the 75-metre yacht had no idea of the long history that awaited her, made up of both good and bad events.


This steam yacht, one of the last still in service, travelled the seas for a whole century, to find herself recently on the Mediterranean between Marseille and Monaco. Among the major rejuvenation operations, the SS Delphine underwent a major refit at the beginning of 2020.


It was on this occasion that ITE Ingénierie had the honour of providing its expertise to this veteran of the seas. We have carried out no less than three renovation and modernisation projects.

Main subpage 1.png

Home automation and audiovisual installation
(13 - Saint Rémy de Provence)

A client contacted us  with the aim of a complete repair of its electricity as well as an integration of a CRESTRON home automation system combining comfort and multi-room audiovisual.

Covering an area of 400m2, this prestigious residence near St Rémy de Provence represented a technical challenge due to the fact that it was of historical construction and that the integrity of the interior walls and paintings had to be preserved.

The result perfectly meets our client's requirements ...


Projection room, videoconference and home automation
(13  - Marseilles)

This company located in the Nice region, entrusted us with its project to modernize a  conference room  integrating  audiovisual projection,  Cisco video conferencing  and  Webex  as well as home automation.

His main wish was to simplify its operation and make it usable by any untrained lecturer.

We installed an audiovisual bay for it including a complete room management system, controlled very simply through a  CRESTRON touchscreen tablet.


Home automation and exterior led lighting of a restaurant
(13 - Aix en Provence)

A restaurateur in the south of France, near Aix en Provence, contacted us to install a  led lighting system  for its outdoor terrace. He wanted  light atmospheres  through RGB led lighting  which had to be synchronized on the colors but also on the levels of brightness, and above all, very simply.

In order to avoid multiple remote controls, we have therefore installed a  Crestron home automation system  who communicates with a  DMX interface .


Private cinema room "in kit"
(13 - Marseille)

Equipment of a private "Home cinema" cinema room in Marseille including all the audiovisual part, amplifiers, audio processor, automaton and touchscreen tablet but also all the home automation part (lighting, blinds, heating, ...).


The customer himself installed the equipment that  we provided and previously programmed ...


CRESTRON home automation integration: audiovisual room with lighting and blind controls
(31  - Blagnac)

ITE Ingenierie recently carried out the  integration  of a  global home automation system CRESTRON  in the audiovisual room of a large aeronautical group  located in Blagnac, on the outskirts of Toulouse.  the  goal was to offer in addition, a better  centralized management of lighting and blinds

One  touch panel  for only interface thus allows a simple handling and  fast  of the system by the user.


Audio installation for the hearing impaired in the meeting room
(31 - Blagnac)

ITE Ingenierie was asked to implement a  true global project of  Automation  professional, a little particular, on behalf of Airbus in Blagnac (31).


This installation consisted of the specific audio installation in a meeting room intended for hearing-impaired people.


Installation of CRESTRON PLCs with multiroom management
(13 - Salon de Provence)

ENGINEERING ITE  had the pleasure of creating a very nice multiroom audiovisual management installation.


  The added value brought to this  Very beautiful  modern apartment was  installing a system  global of  Automation  via  automatons  CRESTRON  and one  multiroom audio video  at the height of the place.


The smart floor for more safety
(13 - Marseille)

It is within the framework of a magnificent  Marseille villa, which ITE Ingenierie was able to intervene in order to optimize the safety of residents  by installing a  Future Shape Sens'Floor smart floor. This installation was completed by energy management and  comfort  via a KNX home automation solution.

ITE INGENIERIE was able to analyze the owners' needs and adapt a  system of  Automation  residence specific  by studying everything that could be optimized in each of the rooms.


Integration of a  its home cinema in the design of a house
(13 - Allauch)

This new installation carried out by ITE Ingenierie made it possible to combine design and  discretion within a residential home automation system. This is a home cinema in a house located in Allauch.


On new or renovation,  the  Automation  fits perfectly into the future of a  connected home. Many technologies exist today to achieve this type  integration  with  taste.


Crestron and ELK home automation: optimum comfort and safety
(06  - Nice)

ITE Ingenierie has been able to integrate into the same architecture  CRESTRON and ELK home automation systems for optimal comfort and security, by sharing their expertise and know-how.


For this  huge house located in Nice (06), we have thus aggregated home automation and security equipment (camera, alarm, detection of prowlers, ...) within a single solution.


High-end home automation system
(06  - Cannes)

Below is the detail of some of the systems used and recommended by  ITE ENGINEERING. 
For the automation part:

For the audiovisual part:


Optimize your home automation communication tools

(13  - Meyrargues)

All good  professional  communication  must optimize its tools  regularly. Revolutionize  his  reception rooms both in terms of lighting and audiovisual is one of the possibilities offered by the home automation solutions designed by ITE Ingenierie.

The final goal  maybe  to develop a  true  versatility of the place  to allow an extraordinary profitability of space as in  Meyrargues, take a look  ! 


Anti-intrusion and home automation protection system

(13 - Pont Royal)

  • A system fully managed locally and remotely  by an automaton  Crestron 

  • a  7.5p touch screen TSW750

  • 2 eco-meters with RS232 gateway for consumption monitoring (RT2012)

  • A registration system  BOSCH  equipped with 4 cameras, it is possible to view the garden and the various access points from a distance and in real time.

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