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When in April 1921, the SS Delphine was launched from the shipyards in Detroit (USA), this 75-meter yacht could not imagine the long history that awaited it, made up of happy events and others. less.

This steam yacht, one of the last still in service, has traveled the seas for a whole century, only to end up recently on the Mediterranean between Marseille and Monaco. Among the major rejuvenation operations, the SS Delphine experienced a major refit at the start of 2020.

It was on this occasion that ITE Ingénierie had the honor to bring its expertise to this veteran of the seas.

Thus, there are no less than three renovation and modernization projects that we have carried out.

To begin with, we overhauled the ship's entire Crestron audio-video system. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, the SS Delphine fortunately had very good equipment, but unfortunately, as sometimes happens, it had not been properly installed.

As a result, we had to reprogram the entire Crestron architecture in order to give the crew members and customers of the SS Delphine the pleasure and comfort of a perfectly designed and installed audio video solution. From various touch screens (TSW560 and 1060 ), and remote controls (TSR310) present in the various spaces of the yacht, it is possible to control all the audio video equipment through a Crestron grid.

Thus, it is possible to access and interact with the Zapiti Media Center , Heos Denon players, Spotify sources and the Sky satellite receiver . All broadcast on a Samsung motorized television and Focal speakers.



We then responded to a request from the captain, who for a very long time wanted to automate and secure the use of the gangway. We have thus developed, on the basis of a Siemens programmable logic controller, all the functions allowing the crew to operate the gangway using a waterproof remote control in complete safety. Thus, the gangway can now be operated by a single crew member, and automatically return to position "  navigation  With the push of a single button, in complete safety.


Finally, one of the major improvements brought by ITE Ingenierie , consisted in the implementation of a centralized supervision (GTC ). This supervision, fully studied and developed by ITE Ingénierie, using the Vue d'Arc Informatique PC solution ( ), makes it possible to control all the technical installations of the vessel. Thus, the crew can, from the screens available, control and command all the technical installations of the SS Delphine.  : boiler temperatures , fuel consumption , speed and direction of shaft rotation , tank level , technical faults, etc.


The captain can thus from a touch screen located at the cockpit level access the major data of the yacht, in parallel with the main supervision screen located at the level of the machinery.

Thanks to this new supervision , the crew can now receive important alarms on their walkie-talkies through pre-recorded audio messages . These alarms are broadcast until acknowledged by a crew member.

Thereby  for Alain Pezeril, technical manager of SS Delphine , “  ITE Ingénierie has fully understood our uses. Now our home automation  is easy to use, whether for the crew or for our customers  ".

The data collected by the supervision are also recorded and can be displayed through graphs ( trend curves, synoptics, etc.). This data can thus be consulted a posteriori in order to analyze a given situation.

"  This renovation and modernization project carried out by ITE Ingénierie on the SS Delphine represents real added value in terms of comfort and safety for our crew and our customers.  »Confirms Lionel Lebugle - General Manager SS Delphine.

Equipment : 

. Home Automation System  CRESTRON

. Audiovisual amplifier  DENON

. Multiroom audio  CRESTRON

. Media-center  ZAPPITI

. SIEMENS programmable logic controllers

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