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Anti-intrusion and home automation protection system
(13 - Pont Royal)

You invest in a  residence  secondary in 13,  and do not want to be worried about possible intrusions ... The CRESTRON solution is to install alarms  and  BOSCH video surveillance for perfect remote management  !

ENGINEERING ITE  is expert in  automation,  Automation  and  security  remotely via the  video surveillance  and multiroom audiovisual.

It is in Pont Royal that this small secondary villa was bought for the holidays by their owner. They wish to have peace of mind by deciding to call on ITE INGENIERIE for a complete home automation system mainly developed for remote control and monitoring.

It is really ideal for homeowners  who reside elsewhere throughout the year.
Our systems give you convenience and peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Technically, here is the installed system:

  • A fully managed system  locally and remotely  by an automaton  Crestron 

  • a  7.5p touch screen TSW750

  • 2 eco-meters with RS232 gateway for consumption monitoring (RT2012)

  • A registration system  BOSCH  equipped with 4 cameras, it is possible to view the garden and the various access points from a distance and in real time.

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