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Crestron and ELK home automation: optimum comfort and safety
(06  - Nice)

From a point of view  security , ITE ENGINEERING  has raised the level of protection considerably by  allying  video surveillance,  access control  and  anti-intrusion scenarios  for this modern residence in Nice.

Concerning the optimization of energies  and the  management  natural resources  we have installed  eco-meters  communicators and specific instrumentation in order to  regulate and control the need for energy  of this accommodation.

We have increased the  security  of the resident by communicating different protection systems such as  cameras , alarm  with our device  detection of prowlers . From  anti-intrusion scenarios  are then generated according to the alerted zone and the information retransmitted to the owner.

Technically, here is a description of the installed system:
For the game  Automation  CRESTRON  :

  • Complete integration  Crestron

  • Yamaha "Advantage" range  for the  home cinema  and multiroom audio 

For the security part  ELK  :

  • a communicating alarm center  Elk 

  • a complete video surveillance system

  • an advanced prowler detection system

  • anti-intrusion scenarios adapted to each detection

Do not wait any longer  to optimise  you too your  home, go from thought to action: contact us  !

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