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Audio installation for the hearing impaired in the meeting room
(31 - Blagnac)

ITE Ingenierie was asked to implement a  true global project of  Automation  professional, a little particular, on behalf of Airbus in Blagnac (31).


This installation consisted of the specific audio installation in the meeting room  intended for the hearing impaired.

ENGINEERING ITE  realize for you all your desires of  Automation  and D'  audio video integration  for any environment  professional or private. We travel mainly in the  South of France  but also occasionally everywhere in France, especially here in  Blagnac (31700), for Airbus.

Indeed, our first mission  was from  make meeting rooms accessible to hearing-impaired people.  We decided to use a very sophisticated system of  BIM = Magnetic Induction Loop. 

What is a  Magnetic Induction Loop (BIM)?

To put it simply, it is a magnetic loop and an amplifier. The alternating current generates a magnetic field, the amplifier allows it to be multiplied into clear and precise radio signals in an area defined by the magnetic field.
Thus each person moving freely in this area will be able to capture what is said via  hearing aids (in the so-called "T" position) throughout a meeting.

Our second mission was to optimize the lighting of this same room to allow several activities such as  videoconferencing, meetings, receptions etc ...

To carry out this project,  our professional expertise  was absolutely necessary  to allow in particular  of  provide ease of use, thanks to only two complementary systems:
an audio-video grid and an automaton.

From now on, any speaker can easily optimize this room according to their activity and their participants.  

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